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Grow Your Email List In The Most Simplistic Way!

Grow Your Email List In The Most Simplistic Way!

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Building an email list matters.

And maybe you’ve heard this.

If you don’t have one, by the end of reading this, I hope to share some stories that convince you WHY you absolutely have to start an email list.

My name is Michelle Cunningham and I started building an email list 7 years ago and in a few moments, I’m going to share how and why that has changed my life forever and given me financial freedom. But more importantly, I’m going to share how it can do the same for you.

So, is email dead? It’s a big question that I get a lot.

Email is NOT dead.

At all.

8 Reasons Why Email Is NOT Dead

1. Email is your insurance off of social media platforms. If you ever get kicked off a social media platform or your account gets hacked (which does happen), you will still be connected to your audience via email.

2. It allows you to stay connected to your followers online in a more intimate way by sending personalized messages and updates.

3. If you think email is dead, remember that over ½ of the world's population has an email address. That’s a lot of people using email.

4. Over 70% of emails are delivered and the average email open rate is over 20%. Imagine if over 20% of your audience tuned into your Facebook lives or saw your posts. They don’t. So email reaches more.

5. Email reminds people that you are still here. Once they leave social media, they might just forget about you or how to find you again. Email is like velcro. It keeps you connected to your community.

6. People who opt in to get your emails are your fans. They love you. They love what you send. So it’s a very highly targeted audience who will buy what you sell.

7. Big box companies use email all the time. Ever bought something and then you get an email from that company again? Do you know why they do this? Because it works.

8. Email is magic for your self-esteem. Imagine you own a BIG huge resort. And at that resort are only people who absolutely totally love you. And when you walk around, everyone is just so excited to see you and talk to you. That’s what it’s like to have an email list. Everyone on that list loves you and trusts you and the products you recommend.

So, if you haven’t started building an email list, there is no better time than now.

The world has shifted in a huge way and with that shift, you need to be ahead of the curve and build your email list massively.

I would say it’s the most important thing that a business owner can be doing.

Any business owner.

If you sell something, you need an email list.

So here’s a little story for you. Seven years ago I bought a $2,000 course that taught me about building an online presence and how to profit from that online presence.

At the time, that was just a dream. It was a dream that suggested that I could somehow show up online, make videos, help others and make money from that.

It truly seemed far-fetched, but the woman I bought the course from was doing it and making millions, so it gave me this silly little hope that maybe, just maybe, I could do the same.

Well, the course was very high-level. And she was very technical and clearly had a team of 20 helping her run her production.

And there was little me, sitting in my little office with my kids screaming in the background...

Thinking, “Maybe, just maybe I can’t be her or do what she has done.”

But, even though I left that course dazed and confused on what next steps to take, the one thing I really learned from her was to “build your email list, whatever you do.”

  Build your email list.

  Show up online.

  Serve up helpful tips for your audience.

  Give them stuff for free.

  Get their email.

  Continue the conversation via email.

Seemed easy enough.

But, it wasn’t.

Seven years ago, trying to capture someone's email and then send them a freebie was near impossible. Seriously.

But, after months of fumbling and lots of learning, I finally figured out how to set it up online.

I basically had them go to my site, put in their email to get notified when I launched a new Youtube video. It was a very simple email opt-in.

And that was all I could come up with at the time.

And I will never forget the first time someone opted in to get an email from me.

I literally couldn’t believe it.

Someone actually gave me their email and it happened without me doing a thing. They went to my site, wrote in their email address and BOOM. I had a new email subscriber.

Truth be told, I felt cool. And excited.

But then, from there, I froze. I wasn’t sure what to email my new follower.

So I didn’t for a while. And I just let my little automation continue to collect emails.

When I did finally conjure enough confidence and time to send an email, it sounded much like this:

Hi friend,

So glad we connected online. I just put together a new Youtube video and I wanted to send it to you. I hope you like it.

It’s all about how to create a simple “insert whatever” and I hope it helps you.

(I’d insert a graphic of the Youtube Thumbnail here and make it clickable to send them to the Youtube video.)

And remember, you are made for more.

Love you tons, Michelle Cunningham


And, people actually liked those little emails (when I actually found time to send them.)

You see, seven years ago, my son was 2. A year later my daughter arrived.

So, I was in the weeds of life trying to manage small kids. It was a lot. Kids are such a blessing and yet they take away so many of your brain cells for anything other than loving them and trying to keep them alive.

And, I would like to send an email whenever I could between cleaning up messy spills, changing diapers, managing a big network marketing business and trying to build an online brand.

It wasn’t consistent but I would do the best I could.

Either way, with my inconsistent, nonexistent plan, I was able to gain over 12,000 email subscribers over the years.

Can you imagine that?

Yes. 12,000 subscribers.

With a nonexistent plan.

Now, this is where the story gets great. Initially, I just grew an email list to help people in my industry and spread more joy and business tips.

At the time, I was an introverted network marketer so I shared my tips on how I was able to get new clients and recruit people even though I was introverted.

I just wanted to help others.

I didn’t even know you could make money from it, nor was that really my goal.

But, in a very cool way, my audience started to request training programs from me and I got so many messages, I realized I should have a training program.

And, so in May of 2019, I launched my first online digital program.

And this is where the story gets crazy.

Since that little day in May 2019, my online brand has generated millions in revenue.

And, those millions of dollars have come in because I have an email list. I would be at thousands in revenue without the use of emails.

Emails play a huge huge huge part in closing a sale.

And, it doesn’t matter what you sell.

If you sell something, email helps to close that sale.

Emails act as a reminder.

And they act as a deadline and emails get people into action.

Email works.

And, since actually working on growing my email list in the past two years, it’s almost tripled in size.

That list has never stopped growing from 12,000 then to 20,000 then to 30,000 and keeps going.

It grows and grows and my income does the same.

And, I want the same for you. And I know you can have the same because I’m a few things:

  A regular person with a dream

  I started out super clueless

  And just wanted to help others succeed

If you are any of those, building an email list is something that can change your life. It is one of the smartest business moves you can make. And, you don’t even have to have it all figured out in advance.

I certainly didn’t. I just knew I had to build an email list.

And I am so glad that I did. I am so glad that I built that email list of over 12,000 even without a plan. Because it changed my life forever.

Building an email list is literally the smartest business move you can make.

My Backstory

I’m just a shy girl, from humble beginnings who grew up in East Granby, Connecticut and didn’t have a ton.

I just wanted to be rich like the kids who could afford Pantene shampoo and big crisp apples at the grocery store.

We were not those kids. We were poor. My mom was a single Mom and most weeks we just had enough to barely get by.

Other weeks, we didn’t have enough to get by so we needed to get groceries from our local church.

So, I’ve been broke for a huge portion of my life.

I share that, so you know nothing has been handed to me. I learn, work and profit. That’s how I make money.

One of my dreams is to help all women to level up and double their income using strategies I teach. It’s possible for you. 

Without a whole lot of extra time.

And, I want to help YOU to achieve success you never imagined possible.

That’s my passion. That’s why I was put on this earth.

It’s why I wake up each day and work. I do it for you. Because I truly believe there is so much more in store for you. I know this.

So, I’m excited to present to you…

Yes, I called it The Email Boot Camp for one reason.

It’s easy to remember.

And in this on-demand Email Boot Camp, I am going to teach you all about email in the most simplistic way.

I’ll teach:

  How to get people to give you their email so you can build a massive email list

  How to create an amazing freebie that people will gladly give you their email to receive

  How to build a beautiful landing page to capture emails

  How to send your first emails, even if you are totally clueless

  What types of email to send to help and serve your clients

  How to turn those email subscribers into paying clients

  How to grow your email list to over 1,000, then to 5,000 and beyond

So, all you have to do is click the button to get instant access.

Retail Price: $67.00 | Save 74%

Just $17 Today

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To ensure you’re prepared for the transformation your business is about to experience, I’m going to throw in these free gifts when you join today!

Free Gift #1
Official Email Bootcamp Digital Workbook

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Each day of the bootcamp, you’ll be given a simple action step that you’ll need to complete in order to build your email list.

This digital workbook is your companion to the training and will reinforce what you learn with each video.

It’s packed with screenshot examples, insider tools, and step-by-step walkthroughs of what you’ll discover in the bootcamp.

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The most critical piece of building an email list is knowing your tribe. This is commonly referred to as your niche.

Inside this training, you will learn a dead-simple way to pinpoint your best niche & tribe online. 

I'll be breaking down the very simple strategy you can put into action today to start getting better results online.

Free Gift #3
Brand Strategy Mini-Course + Digital Workbook

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“Michelle, I want to start an email list but I have no idea how to start building a brand.”

I totally understand. In fact, the reason I’m throwing in this free gift is because it's another critical piece to growing a following and building an email list.

In this lesson, you will learn how to craft your brand strategy & platform using branding secrets that will have them begging to join your team & buy your products.

Here’s A Recap Of EVERYTHING You’ll Get When You Join This 
On-Demand Training Today!

  Email Bootcamp Video Training with Michelle Cunningham

Value $497

  Access to the Private Online Community

Value $97

  Free Gift #1: The Email Bootcamp Digital Workbook

Value $47

  Free Gift #2: Pinpointing Your Niche Mini-Course + Digital Workbook

Value $197

  Free Gift #3: Brand Strategy Mini-Course + Digital Workbook

Value $197

 Email Bootcamp Video Training with Michelle Cunningham

Value $497

 Access to the Private “Bootcampers Only” Community

Value $97

 Free Gift #1: The Email Bootcamp Digital Workbook

Value $47

 Free Gift #2: Pinpointing Your Niche Mini-Course + Digital Workbook

Value $197

 Free Gift #3: Brand Strategy Mini-Course + Digital Workbook

Value $197

Total Value: $1,035

Retail Price: $67.00 | Save 59%

Just $17 Today

Even though this is the first ever Beautifully Branded Bootcamp...

Here’s What Real People Who Took This Course Had To Say About It...

What Are You Waiting For?

The only thing standing between you and the success you deserve is a beautiful brand.

So now it’s up to you.

You can, of course, continue down the agonizingly slow road of pitching uninterested people, facing lots of frustrating rejection, and taking years to discover the key to building a business that gives you freedom.

Got Questions?

 What will this course be like?

Quite simple. I am not highly technical. I’m simple. It's easy. And I like to have fun.

So, I like to keep things basic, yet comprehensive so you can learn, apply and profit.

My daily guiding light is this: To figure out how to make the most amount of money in the least amount of time and then teach you how to do the same.

 What do I get with the bootcamp?

VIDEO TRAINING with Michelle Cunningham: The Email Boot Camp is available immediately after your purchase in beautiful private members area to watch at your convenience.

GORGEOUS PRINTABLE WORKBOOK: You get a workbook that is over 100 pages that is filled with everything you need to succeed at email list building and email marketing.

Below you will see the agenda with the breakdown of the trainings.  Because you are getting instant access, you can watch all the training all at once or over several days.  

Note: Each day represents about 1 hour of training with a Q&A session that was filmed in front of a live audience.

BOOT CAMP COMMUNITY: In addition, you will also get access to all other Email Boot Campers inside a lifetime access Facebook Community. So, if you need a group to cheer you on or bounce ideas off of, you can comment in there.

 Do you have a money back guarantee?

Absolutely. One of my beliefs as a course creator is that if you don’t get amazing results from taking one of my courses you can ask for a refund within the first 30 days. 

You can reach my team anytime at 

 Why is the price so low?

Cause I’m nuts and nice. Both reasons.  It could easily be $1,997.  Truthfully. And after our first round of students go through this course, it most likely will never be this price again.

 Is this course for me? 

If you want to learn how to dramatically grow your reach, build far more meaningful connections and profit from emails you send, this course is 100% for you.

If you have an email list but you aren’t sure what to do with that email list, this course is 100% for you.

If you are non-techy, need simple step-by-step instructions as you navigate starting and building your email list, this course is 100% for you.

 Michelle, I can only join if you make rap video about the importance of email list building...

Oh...I can do that.  Here you go.

Oh yes, I wrote that little gem on a Friday night in 30 minutes.

P.S. My husband came into my office while I was filming my little rap jingle and he looked at me with a look that suggested:

Are you my wife?
Is this for real?
I’m somewhat impressed.
But also concerned.
Is this a good business idea?
Have you fully thought this through?

All valid questions.

He didn’t say a word though.

But I read his mind. Cause I’m a chick and we do that to dudes.

And then he closed the door and walked away with a grin and confusion.

And my kids, age 6 (girl) and age 9 (boy) giggled with an awkward noise that also suggested: Mommy lost her cookies.

So, that’s how all that went down just in case you were wondering.

 Okay, so when I sign up, what's next?

On the next screen you will be able to sign up.  

After signing up, you'll get instant access to all the videos and the workbook so you can start learning immediately! 

 Okay, I'm ready to sign up.  What do I do now?

Click the button below to sign up.

Change your life for the better. Work smarter, not harder.

And then you’ll have extra time to also film rap jingles for fun.

Here’s A Recap Of EVERYTHING You’ll Get When You Join The Bootcamp Today!

  Email Bootcamp Video Training with Michelle Cunningham

Value $497

  Access to the Private Online Community

Value $97

  Free Gift #1: The Email Bootcamp Digital Workbook

Value $47

  Free Gift #2: Pinpointing Your Niche Mini-Course + Digital Workbook

Value $197

  Free Gift #3: Brand Strategy Mini-Course + Digital Workbook

Value $197

 Email Bootcamp Video Training with Michelle Cunningham

Value $497

 Access to the Private “Bootcampers Only” Community

Value $97

 Free Gift #1: The Email Bootcamp Digital Workbook

Value $47

 Free Gift #2: Pinpointing Your Niche Mini-Course + Digital Workbook

Value $197

 Free Gift #3: Brand Strategy Mini-Course + Digital Workbook

Value $197

Total Value: $1,035

Retail Price: $67.00 | Save 59%

Just $17 Today

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